How it works
About Data Guru

How it works

Get your new Shopify store up and running faster.
As a new Shopify merchant, you don’t have time to be tediously adding products one at a time. Data Guru provides easy and fast bulk uploads of all Shopify data including Products, Collections, Discounts, and more.
Ensure your Shopify store stays updated with all your changes.
Bulk updates to any data associated with your store from Products, Collections, Orders, Discounts, Customers, and more. All from the comfort of Excel.
Uncover insights and patterns.
Export any data from Shopify to be used in Excel or in .CSV format to be uploaded into your BI tools.

About Data Guru

The Data Guru team has over 50 years of combined experience developing, implementing, and providing consulting for B2B and B2C software for all business sizes and industries. Throughout our experience implementing business processes for many of the leading business systems in the world - whether it be Shopify, SAP, Oracle, or Salesforce to name a few - we discovered one common theme: that no matter how good the software was, every business ended up moving data in/out with Microsoft Excel. Perhaps it was by necessity, or perhaps it was because it was by preference given that Excel was and will always be the most popular data tool of all time.

We built the Data Guru tool to enable every Shopify merchant to leverage the power of Excel: so that you can take control of your Shopify data.

Contact and Feedback
While we’ve done our best to ensure usability of our product, we realize there could still bugs and issues to work out! To improve our product, we’d love to hear about any issues you are running into, big or small!